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Marta & Stefano


Catering: New Team Banqueting

Florals: Fabbrica di Idee

Music and entertainment: Top Equipe Intrattenimento

Celebrant: Fabio Gerbi

Photos: The Wedding Theory


Couldn't have gotten any better! The preparation of the ceremony, the dinner, the cake was perfect. Even the tableau mariage, which we wanted to combine with a graphic chosen by us, was impeccable. Donatella was able to follow our ideas turning them into something exciting, and her advice was super spot on! Heartfelt thanks also for always being close to us.

Marta & Stefano | September 15, 2020

A ceremony that you carry in your heart

Marta and I We entrusted the celebration of our wedding to Fabio, and we were really happy. He directed the ceremony with extreme naturalness, you can see that the experience is great. From the first meeting they understood that he was a person who could be trusted. He listened to us and advised us and personalized the ceremony according to our tastes and then asked us to answer a series of questions separately. To personalize it not only in the way, but also in the contents. A bit like making a tailor-made suit, you choose the style and color and the tailor shapes it on you. The guests said it was the most emotional ceremony they witnessed. And we can only recommend it!

Marta & Stefano | September 15th, 2020
location matrimonio varese

Fun and more

Max and Lopez animated our wedding, two truly fantastic and easygoing people. To say that they offer entertainment is an understatement, Lopez was the conductor of the evening, thanks to him everything went smoothly, for us he was a guide. He listened to our requests and found a way to fulfill them, helping us where needed with excellent advice, which only a person with experience can give you. He filled the dead moments with fantastic schetches and very funny situations, never falling into banal or trash. He acted as presenter and accomplice for the surprises of the spouses to the guests and to those of the witnesses for the spouses. And above all without ever being intrusive or heavy. It gave us the ability to choose the songs and genres we liked. Max is a great deejay, very helpful and with great tastes. They also have an excellent quality sound system. They also provided us with the cold fountains for the cake cutting scene. I can only recommend Max and Lopez of Top Equipe, because we were super happy and the guests complimented us. Without them, marriage would not have been the same.

Marta & Stefano | September 15, 2020
location matrimonio varese

Fantastic location

We had to get married at Tenuta la Passera on April 3, 2020, but for obvious reasons we had to postpone it to September 15, 2020. It is a location surrounded by greenery, very large, with many different spaces available, both outdoors and indoors. This great variety allows not only to find what we like best, but to have the wedding in any season and weather condition, there will not be a fantastic plan "a" and a bad plan "b". Both floors will be of a high standard, which is no small feat. We got married on location, in the woods, with a symbolic ceremony. It was wonderful, surrounded by nature and with the sunlight filtering through the leaves. Then aperitif in the courtyard and dinner in the Maison Blache. All neat and tidy. Very very nice. Alice, who followed us immediately, was fantastic, and at times she was our wedding planner, she followed and advised us, and was able to solve every problem with extreme naturalness, a sign of so much experience. He helped us a lot when we had to move the date, hearing from all the suppliers and suggesting dates when they were all available. I am happy to have married to Passera and I can only recommend it.

Marta & Stefano | September 15, 2020
location matrimonio varese