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As soon as we entered the estate we realized that it was what we were looking for since the different rooms it houses allow to organize an ad hoc wedding. We chose the beautiful courtyard for an aperitif and then continued in the tensile structure illuminated by the lights, creating a truly romantic and warm atmosphere. Alice was very available to fulfill all our requests and in a difficult moment like this she was really a point of reference. Definitely a perfect choice!
Aurora and Alberto | October 1st, 2020
It’s a magical place, which embodies the elegance and strength of nature. Alice is always available and flexible to every request. La Maison Blanche is the flagship: the soft lights, the good music and the warmth of the event made everything perfect.
Valentina and Riccardo | September 20th, 2020
What to say? Marco and I fell in love with the Tenuta as soon as we crossed the entrance gate. A tree-lined avenue welcomes you to enter a dream that continues in every space that surrounds it: the ceremony in the woods, the appetizers in the courtyard, the lunch in a tensile structure and the cutting of the cake in bowls. All surrounded by nature: pure magic! Words are not enough to describe this marvel. And it wouldn’t be all that great if Alice weren’t there to make it perfect. Kind, easygoing and very organized enough to make me calm. And uncle Dario is assured of certainty, always kind and ready to help. We always felt at home. Thank you so much.
Camilla and Marco | September 2nd, 2020
We fell in love with this location as soon as we entered the long avenue! We decided to get married with a civil ceremony and the ceremony was wonderful surrounded by greenery … Like in a fairy tale. The location has different possibilities and spaces to divide and make the most of every single moment: ceremony surrounded by greenery, appetizers in the courtyard, wedding lunch in the tensile structure and dances in the Salone with DJ station … Without forgetting the wooden house and the open space with swing immersed in the woods for magnificent photos! Our guests were also delighted and delighted!
Arjola and Cristiano | September 29th, 2019
Perfect location for the reproduction of the civil ceremony in the middle of the green. The courtyard used for the aperitif part and, subsequently, for the dessert buffet and cake cutting. The marquee for dinner and open bar. Large spaces ideal on a sunny day. Attentive and helpful staff.
Luana and Antonio | September 4th, 2019

Gorgeous, wonderful, enchanting, magical. Tenuta la Passera is an indescribable place. We fell in love with it when we were still on the avenue, in the car.

It is a large, elegant location surrounded by greenery. When you open the gate and cross the long avenue it seems to be in paradise.

Alice, Fabia, Dario and Luigi are wonderful people who give 100% for the perfect success of the wedding. Alice is super helpful and helped us a lot in making the wedding. Dario with his advice contributed in the details that make the difference. Fabia also extremely available and Luigi the mojito magician.

The location is really very, very beautiful and our guests did nothing but praise it. Alice and the whole family are really very available for everything and have helped to make everything perfect.

I recommend this location 1000%. It really is the best that can be found.

Thank you very much for everything !!

Simona and Franco | June 8th, 2019
Enchanting and well-kept location, we immediately fell in love with it, especially for its many outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, on our wedding day it rained but floor B was up to floor A, so we didn’t have any problems. The staff is very helpful and kind. We especially thank Alice for supporting us in all aspects of the wedding since the initial organization! The estate is a place that remains in your heart.
Federica and Andrea | May 25th, 2019
I do not think such correct and right words have ever been invented to describe the professionalism, beauty, fairness, and uniqueness of Tenuta La Passera. We decided to get married in this magical place (in the sense of the word) for an infinite number of reasons including the undisputed beauty of the most beautiful estate we have ever seen in our life (we have visited about 51 estates), cleanliness, order, the perfection of the details, the versatility of the possibilities that this enchanted place offers, the size (it can hold up to 300 people if I’m not mistaken, we were 200 and we were comfortable and there was also space to dance in the same place, that is la Maison Blanche) but above all the family that owns the estate: absolutely sublime! Fabia, founder of the family, is a woman who maintains elegance and extraordinary affability, she tried to understand our every single desire with a unique passion and love for her work, giving space to her heart to be able to make our day even more special than it is. it were. Dario and Luigi were absolutely impeccable, they knew how to say yes even when they probably should have said no, we made endless requests to which they could not fail given their nobility of soul … they knew how to put our love and our happiness in the face of everything, showing that they cared more about us than they cared about “earning”; this feature is absolutely rare in this world defined by money and it is almost impossible to find someone who does their job for love and not just for gain. Last but not least: Alice! What can I say, Alice is absolutely enchanting, our small but only organizer better than a hundred wedding planners put together, she managed to give voice, color, canvas, color to our day which was defined by the majority of our guests as “the best wedding at which one they ever participated in ”and we owe this above all to Alice. Alice has followed every single detail, ignoring the thousand calls and endless messages that we made to her at every hour of the day, she has always reassured us by breaking down our anxiety and our fears by making us enjoy the magical time that accompanies the striking of the hands as the only one , full of tranquility but above all of poetry. We have no words to thank the professionalism and love that all the staff had towards us and we really recommend Tenuta La Passera to all those who want to make their wedding an unforgettable day to be lived in the full tranquility of experts who they love what they do and that is to make people happy who want to make the most important day in their life perfect.
Andrea and Cesare | May 11th,  2019

Unique location for a completely customizable wedding. Different alternatives indoors and outdoors, the possibility of creating plays of light and the convenience of being immersed in the woods, without time or music constraints. There are many details that make the difference (exclusive location, security service, open bar). The availability of Alice at the top (practically a wedding planner!) Thanks again for everything!

P. S. Greetings also to Dario!

Simona and Andrea | July 28th, 2018

We immediately fell in love with this splendid location, surrounded by greenery and full of dreamy corners.

The space is truly immense, with attention to the smallest detail and the peculiarity of this location is being able to offer a thousand different solutions, depending on everyone’s needs. The courtyard is truly enchanting and romantic and, due to the bad weather, we were able to make little but equally effective use of all the other parts that make up the estate. We were sure to impress our guests and they did. We used the location both for the secular ceremony, which took place in the shade of majestic trees, and for the reception. Alice proved to be super-helpful right from the start and supported us in all our needs. Always quick and punctual in her replies, she has shown that she is a very professional person.

The memory of our wedding will remain indelible and engraved in our hearts, and in those of our guests, thanks also to this fabulous place. Highly recommended! Thanks!!

Federica and Andrea | July 14th, 2018

So after a long wait the big day has flown by. What can I say, it was all wonderful. Tenuta is a magical place that is discovered slowly and offers infinite possibilities of scenarios (the courtyard, the maison blanche, the small house in the woods, the garden with the pergola, the horses, the terrace) and is the reason why the ‘we have a choice, we wanted a dynamic wedding where the guests could turn, walk and have space to dance! Alice was professional and at the same time complicit in meeting our every need! We recommend La Passera to all those who want to spend their day in an enchanted place!

Monica and Alessandro | June 30th, 2018

We got married on May 26th 2018, but we booked the location more than a year before because it was in great demand as it was really beautiful.

We had a great time, Alice is fantastic, always smiling, always positive, always ready to solve any situation. She made us feel at home from the first moment we met. The location is stunning, in every aspect, in any season and in any weather (we fell in love with it on a rainy and cold day in October). 100 thousand% recommended! The Passera is good, indeed it is very good.

Thanks to all the Passera team, thanks for giving us some unique emotions, but a special thanks goes to Alice, thanks for making our most beautiful dream come true.

Giulia and Gianmario | May 26th, 2018
Beautiful location for events. I celebrated my graduation party here and I had a great time. I recommend it.
Giovanni | September 30th, 2017
As soon as we entered the estate we realized that this was what we were looking for, since the different environments allow you to organize an ad hoc wedding. We chose the beautiful courtyard for an aperitif and then continued in the tensile structure illuminated by the lights, creating a truly romantic and warm atmosphere. Alice was very available to fulfill all our requests and in a difficult moment like this she was really a point of reference.
Definitely a perfect choice!
Arianna and Matteo | September 26th, 2020
From the first contact Alice was very helpful and supported and reassured us during the period of uncertainty related to Covid. The location is a daydream, all with attention to the smallest detail, large spaces and an enchanted forest. With Covid restrictions, we managed to make our dream day come true anyway, thanks to the numerous outdoor spaces. Our guests enjoyed it very much and complimented us on the excellent choice. I can only recommend choosing this wonderful estate, because you will be supported by Alice at all times, eliminating all anxiety and worries.
Beatrice and Francesco | September 18th, 2020
Incredible place! Alice and all the staff were amazing and exceptional! They helped us in every step and for every unexpected event.
Martina and Enrico | September 12th, 2020
Alice and his staff proved to be extremely helpful right from the start. We have made many changes and with patience (even too much) they have always advised us even against their interests. I recommend to rely completely on their experience, to use their trusted catering because it is worth it both for the quality and for the price. The place is magnificent, the guests were pampered and the day was well studied with all the alternatives in case of bad weather. Spouses rely on them and you will not be disappointed.
Loide and Andrea | September 28th, 2019
Tenuta is a dream location! As soon as you pass the gate you fall in love at first sight with every corner of the estate. A huge thank you to Alice who from the first moment was close to us providing advice and during the party she was always there for every need. Organization and professionalism make Tenuta la Passera a place we recommend!
Anka and Maurizio | August 3rd, 2019
We fell in love with the estate as soon as we crossed the gate, Alice and all the staff were simply magnificent, attentive to all our requests to give us a wonderful day to say the least. Special thanks also to Dario.
Tania and Marco | June 5th, 2019
We couldn’t have made a better choice for our wedding on May 24, 2019. The location is nothing short of a dream and it didn’t take long to fall in love with it. As if that were not enough, the professionalism and availability of Alice and her family are something indescribable, we have placed our trust in them and, what was the best day of our life, it was even above expectations. Everything exactly as we wanted, Alice advised us, followed and met us in our requests. Everything went exactly as we wanted and everything was done to perfection. I assure you that you will hardly find better locations or people like Alice and her family. We made a dream come true by getting married at Tenuta La Passera. Thank you very much!
Federica and Roberto | May 24th, 2019
Tenuta La Passera itself is wonderful, but what struck us immediately was the empathy that was created with Alice. She patiently answered all our questions, open to any kind of request. We studied together a possible plan B (rain forecast) and, what about … Our wedding came as a dream. The location is really fantastic … 360 degrees!
Stefania and Luca | April 26th, 2019

What can I say, Tenuta is a suggestive location surrounded by the greenery of the Ticino park. A first date with Alice and Dario was enough to fall madly in love with the villa and their kindness and cordiality. What I found at the Tenuta is not only a magical place to spend the most beautiful day of my life but I have found a competent and passionate staff who have shown in all respects the love and dedication with which they take care of their own. work.

To say that Alice was fundamental for the perfect success of this event is limiting. She took care of every little detail of this very important day with me. She is dynamic and volcanic and her help was indispensable! She immediately understood what I wanted and throughout the entire organization of the wedding, she was present accompanying me in every choice.

If you have any doubts, trust her, she is a professional in the trade and she is so good that you can only be amazed and adore her. It is a pity that there are only 5 stars, for me the Tenuta is 10 and praise! I would always pick and choose this magnificent location and all the wonderful staff who have worked to make this day a fairy tale. Thank you because without you my marriage would not have been the same!

Jessica and Riccardo | Semptember 9th, 2018

Tenuta La Passera was the first and only location visited for our wedding because we immediately fell in love with it.

Alice managed to turn all our dreams and desires into reality by giving us an unforgettable day immersed in a dream atmosphere. Great availability and kindness.

Alessandra and Andrea | July 27th, 2018
Very nice location, surrounded by nature and with a magnificent courtyard. Wide spaces and beautiful landscape. The location offers various opportunities of spaces to manage and different combinations of places to set up. The set-up opportunities are varied and of different prices, together with Alice, who is very helpful and kind, you can build the wedding that best suits your needs.
Laura and Daniele | July 20th, 2018
#alla Passera si sta bene! We immediately fell in love with the many spaces that the Estate offers and we chose it for this very reason. During the wedding we tried to “make the most of the whole estate (the courtyard, the tensile structure, the terrace) and it was all fantastic thanks to the precious advice / suggestions of Alice, a fantastic owner who immediately knew how to put us at our disposal.” ease and satisfy our every need, request. Very high professionalism and helpfulness of the whole Passera team and perfect location in every season (seen with the snow has something magical). Highly recommended!
Daniela and Fulvio | July 9th, 2018

Giovanni and I got married on 8 June 2018 in a real world of fairy tales. Before choosing the location we went to different places, very beautiful, yes, but unfortunately they all closed at 24 maximum. Tenuta La Passera in addition to being a wonderful place, which I highly recommend to see, is also a location that allows you to manage your day as you see fit. Our wedding started at 18:00 and ended with celebrations and dances at 2:00. It was all, I repeat, all perfect and if something went wrong they were so professional that we didn’t notice anything.

Alice is a real time bomb, but she also knows how to listen and advise the spouses best about suppliers or ideas that blend in her head. In this regard, I would like to emphasize that to ensure that your day is perfect, as it was for us, you must trust the professionals with whom you choose to collaborate. Alice, in addition to providing me with psychological assistance the days before the wedding, has always been available and above all she has always expressed in total freedom what would have been best for us by generating situations of confrontation and then leaving us free choice. Another very important aspect is the efficient organization. I have been to weddings where the bride and groom had to tell the different suppliers what to do in real time. In my opinion this does not allow them to enjoy the moment that will seem flown by itself the next day. The day before the wedding we met with Alice and together we revised the schedule in order to live our day to the full without worrying about the clock. Our guests were all impressed and satisfied. If they were to ask me for advice on a suitable location for a wedding in spring / summer I would absolutely vote for Tenuta La Passera. The service, the organization but above all the location, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Silvia and Giovanni | June 8th, 2018
The first thing that struck me (besides the name) is the wonderful view that can be enjoyed entering the main gate and proceeding towards the estate: a perfectly maintained driveway surrounded by greenery. The estate also offers many spaces that allow extreme versatility to organize all the moments of refreshment according to your needs.
Laura and Alberto | May 5th, 2018
When I saw the estate it was love at first sight. We almost immediately chose to get married there. Unfortunately, the weather did not assist us, but the Tenuta did, and with the covered spaces of her we did not miss anything. The 300-seater Tensile Structure set up outside, called Maison Blanche was exactly what I was looking for. There are a thousand spaces to be exploited and a thousand glimpses for wonderful photos. Alice is the perfect hostess and she will never miss a smile or good advice from her!
Micaela and Fabio | September 10th, 2017
In life you know many people every day, people who leave their mark on you and people who don’t, I personally can say one thing, that day I met ALICE, DARIO and all the staff of this dream location left their mark on me since from the first day I met them, they are nothing short of wonderful people who try to make the most beautiful day of your life a DREAM.
I speak for myself it is that DREAM we wanted has come true, every little detail of our wedding was as we wanted and all thanks to these people who will remain with in our heart forever.
ALICE, DARIO AND TENUTA LA PASSERA will remain you are simply wonderful. THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FRIENDS.
Alessia and Cristian | September 16th, 2017
Lovely place, well-kept park. For the newlyweds there is plenty of choice to choose where to take photos. Different places to celebrate the wedding according to the number of guests and weather conditions. But anyway, everywhere is a show. We fell in love with the location as soon as we arrived. Even though it was a gray, sad day. Then … Alice, our “super Alis” is fantastic. Attentive to any request, doubt or indecision. She knows how to help you with patience and professionalism. As soon as we met her she welcomed us with a super smile. She is a great person. So much so that she celebrated our wedding. She was very good, it was the first time for her, this role of the celebrant … In a year and a half of preparations we have all grown fond of somehow. And it was exciting for her too. We love her. Tenuta La Passera is a lovely place. I highly recommend! Professionalism and competence are at home! “Alla Passera si sta bene”. Thanks.
Veronica and Jacopo | September 25th, 2020
We had to get married at Tenuta la Passera on April 3rd, 2020, but for obvious reasons we had to postpone it to September 15th, 2020. It is a location surrounded by greenery, very large, with many different spaces available, both outdoors and indoors. This great variety allows not only to find what we like best, but to have the wedding in any season and weather condition, there will not be a fantastic plan “a” and a bad plan “b”. Both floors will be of a high standard, which is no small feat. We got married on location, in the woods, with a symbolic ceremony. It was wonderful, surrounded by nature and with the sunlight filtering through the leaves. Then aperitif in the courtyard and dinner in the Maison Blache. All neat and tidy. Very very nice. Alice, who followed us immediately, was fantastic, and at times she was our wedding planner, she followed and advised us, and was able to solve every problem with extreme naturalness, a sign of so much experience. He helped us a lot when we had to move the date, hearing from all the suppliers and suggesting dates when they were all available. I am happy to have married to Passera and I can only recommend it.
Marta and Stefano | September 15th, 2020
The search for the ideal location is almost always difficult and exhausting. When we saw Tenuta la Passera instead it was love at first sight and when we met Alice, who helped us imagine that day, everything was immediately clearer. We used the wood for an aperitif, so particular and elegant, it seemed to be in a fairy tale. The dinner was held in the Maison Blanche and finally the cutting of the cake in the courtyard with a fireworks display. Tenuta la Passera lends itself to having many perfect places to experience your wedding and the difficult thing is to choose how to make the most of them. Thanks to Alice and all the staff it was an enchanting wedding, exactly as we had imagined it. What can I say … Thanks!
Veronica and Fabio | September 4th, 2020
We fell in love with this location. We had a fabulous wedding thanks to you!
Thanks for everything.
Sara and Christian | September 1st, 2020
Tenuta La Passera is wonderful, surrounded by greenery and with a thousand spaces where you can organize exactly the wedding you have in mind. Added value is Alice who, with her experience and professionalism, has supported, reassured us and helped us if there was any difficulty. If you want a fairytale wedding, contact her, mine was.
Martina and Francesco | September 13th, 2019
When we saw it we had no doubts: Tenuta La Passera would be our setting and today, two days after our wedding, we would choose it again … It was all wonderful and Alice and her family helped to make it all more beautiful! Thank you so much for making this day unforgettable!
Laura and Andrea | July 30th, 2019
We got married on 2 June .. What to say .. We imagined the most important day of our life just like that .. It seemed like we were living a fairytale .. The estate left everyone speechless, really wonderful .. people who work there .. Alice, a girl who with her smile, her kindness and professionalism made everything perfect. Thanks to the whole family who welcomed us with open arms, in particular to little Filippo and his “field invasion”. Unique location, which becomes special thanks to you! Thanks!
Arianna and Simone | June 2nd, 2019
We had a wedding reception at the estate on 18.05.19.
Unfortunately the weather was not the best but Alice and her fantastic team managed to find the best solution to make the most of the whole location. Alice is very professional, helpful, flexible she is very nice.
The estate is definitely enchanting and with attention to every detail!
Angelica and Giampiero | May 18th, 2019
Absolutely beautiful, as soon as we saw it we fell in love.
We were looking for a location surrounded by nature, with large spaces to use.
Alice is very nice, professional and very attentive to every detail.
All this made our day a blast.
Gaia and Marco | September 15th, 2019
We toured many places before we came across the estate. The long avenue that welcomes you when the gate opens, has kidnapped us immediately. It didn’t take us much to fall in love with this place. It is a location that offers many spaces and lets you wander in your every idea. The court, in my opinion, is the flagship, but there is much more.
We made the final decision when we met Alice, professional, nice, welcoming and super prepared. She gave us 1000 tips, and she supported us in every decision. Her family is so cute about her. They treat you like friends. I definitely recommend it. The pussy is fine, seeing is believing.
Evelina and Alessandro | September 1st, 2018
Fabulous location. Many of our guests came from abroad, the United States, Korea, France and all were amazed by the elegance of the place. Then Alice is a wonderful person like all the staff, always available, who supports (within the limit) your every request. I highly recommend this place will remain in your heart.
Giuditta and Alberto | August 25th, 2018
You know when you dream of your wedding from an early age, described as in fairy tales, feeling like a great little princess? Here, I managed to achieve all this in a location of enchantment. A memorable day that exceeded my expectations. A location that offers various spaces to move inside without long journeys and waits. An excellent choice for those who want to plan a dynamic, fun, romantic wedding where you have the opportunity to realize even the most demanding ideas and desires. We could not have made a better choice, we sincerely thank all the collaborators for giving us unique emotions and a tranquility and trust that allowed us to fully enjoy every single moment. We thank Alice in particular for her availability, ready to accommodate every single request and able to make you feel calm, because you know that everything will go as you wish.
Debora and Ruben | August 18th, 2018
We got married on 21st July 2018 and organized the reception dinner at Tenuta La Passera. The tensile structure was ideal for a standing aperitif, dinner place and for dances. The courtyard was the perfect setting for cutting the cake. The location also offers excellent views to take photos and the tree-lined avenue at the entrance is very suggestive.
Marta and Nicola | July 21st, 2018
Here we are, married for 10 days and very happy to have chosen the Passera! We chose her for her vast spaces and for the thousand thousand possibilities she offered us, and we did well! That Saturday the weather forecast was bad and from the first moment we saw it we dreamed of dinner in the marvelous courtyard. Sure, plan b with dinner in the Maison Blance was just as beautiful and fabulous, but there was something about the courtyard that tasted like a fairy tale. It was only thanks to Alice’s availability, flexibility and professionalism that that magical moment took place. A message from her that Saturday morning further filled our day with joy.
Result: delighted guests, dream atmosphere, guaranteed fun, delighted spouses, vast spaces and possibilities, a flood of compliments for a fabulous location!
Super recommended.
Sara and Matteo | June 2nd, 2018
A fairytale location. We liked it right away, from the first moment we entered. Dario welcomed us immediately with his infinite sweetness and his sympathy that immediately put us at ease and anyone could only find it delicious and wonderful! Alice then with her kindness, professionalism, availability and patience helped and followed us from the beginning of the preparation of the wedding until the end of that day, making everything simply perfect! Nothing is missing: the location is 5 stars, an immense park with large green lawns, a more wooded part, where children can play quietly and guests enjoy a quiet walk, immersed in nature and in the scent of flowers, to take Unforgettable photos and videos and fabulous facilities (such as the hall or the maison blanche) to organize everything in detail, even in case of bad weather, although it is not necessary, because the sun always shines here! Both in the sky above the location and in the heart of these extraordinary and special people! The service is impeccable, the kindness without end (they “pampered” us at all times, always attentive and present) … without equal! Not to mention the constant compliments of friends and relatives who have found everything absolutely sublime. Everything was perfect and you gave us a fairytale wedding! Thank you so much!
Giulia and Euclide | April 14th, 2018

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